After 30 years working in the areas of health and wellness, I have come to realize that the combination of breath, touch (massage), and physical activity (body/yoga) has long lasting transformational results. Although I continue to teach yoga and pilates, do massage and guided breath work at my studio in La Jolla, it's my dream to support and nurture optimal wellness in a larger community.

My mission is to offer retreats around the world, where people can experience the healing powers of the breath in combination with yoga, massage, and clean food for true transformation and health.  I want to help people feel happy, peaceful, at ease in their bodies and clear in their minds.  And - most importantly - to learn how to bring what they learn from my retreats into their daily lives.

  • Massage Certified since 1985
  • Masters in Physical Education 1987
  • Yoga Certified 1995 Ayruvedics Massage 1996
  • Pilates Certified 2002
  • Flexibility Trainer Navy SEALS 2013
  • Transformational Breath Facilitator 2015