Services & Rates:

  • Private & Group Breath Sessions
  • Private Yoga
  • Private Pilates
  • Deep Tissue Massage

I combine all four services to create perfect balance physically and emotionally.  

Please schedule an appointment:

Tel. (323) 333-3033
7556 Fay Ave. Suite I
La Jolla, CA  92037

YOGA - Private, small group classes
Individual needs, limitations, and experience are taken into consideration for the perfect alignment for your body. Yoga class makes you not only feel good, but develop both physical strength and mental focus.


Pilates - Private
I specialize in physical rehab, body sculpting, lengthening, strengthening and toning. Get the body you have always wanted and feel great while doing it! 


Deep tissue massage to breaks down muscle locks that keep your body tight and out of balance.  Experience working with Navy SEALS & Olympians, as well as with Auyrevedic techniques at the Deepak Chopra Center, have given me a unique hybrid techniques for optimal healing.


Transformational Breath®  - Private Sessions, Classes, and Retreats
Breath is one of the most powerful physical, emotional and psychological healing mechanisms recognized over centuries of human existence. Breath is with us all the time, yet we rarely even think about it or utilize it beyond its everyday physiological function.

Transformational Breath® is deep, diaphragmatic belly breathing that changes restricted patterns in your body.  This method allows you to access almost 100% of your respiratory system, thus oxygenating all the cells in your body and helping your body work more efficiently.  Through conscious breath techniques, you can achieve greater clarity, dispel mental baggage, and cleanse both mind and body of blockages and toxins. Your spiritual connection is also enhanced by breath work, developing a deeper connection with your authentic self and others, and finding greater joy and happiness in your life.  Please go to for more information.