About Transformational Breath® and Frequently Asked Questions:

So many people take their breath for granted, yet it is the most powerful tool we have to enhance the quality of our lives and the health of our bodies.  As a Transformational Breath® Trainer, I can tell how someone lives their life and makes choices according to their breath pattern. For example, some people have shallow breathing, which indicates that they lack enthusiasm for life and are resisting their good.  Some don't breath down to their belly, which indicates that there is weak personal will; there is a lot of self judgement, and they are not grounded.  Once you open and clear these restricted breath patterns, you can permanatly change your life physically and emotionally.

I had lost all hope and faith before I got introduced to Transformational Breath®.  During a period of four years, I got a divorce, lost my home, and both my daughter and I suffered from different illnesses.  I was struggling to get out of bed and make it through the day.  Once I started breathing regularly, I felt so energized; the rashes that had spread all over my body got worse and then disappeared; and I started feeling more joy and hopeful.  Through out my training, I have come across people that have truly transformed their lives.  Do not underestimate the power of your breath.  

What is Transformational Breath® and how is it different from other breath modalities?

Transformational Breath® is deep diaphragmatic belly breathing that clears and opens restricted breath patterns permanently.  

  • Transformational Breath® is open mouth belly breathing, with long inhalation, short quick exhalation and connected breath.  Meditative breathing is very relaxing, while Transformational Breath® is very activating. This is the only breath work that addresses the importance and healing of the breath pattern.   
  • Transformational Breath® is the only breath work that uses body mapping (human touch) to bring attention and breath into areas of the body that are not getting enough oxygen (life force) to produce entrainment in the electromagnetic field.  This allows the high vibrational energy of the breath to permanently raise and transform the lower vibrational patterns such as repressed feelings, memories and thoughts.  The integration includes the areas of birth trauma, authority and other parental issues, self-sabatoge patterns, unconscious source urge, and other negativities in the subconscious.    
  • We are the only breath work that uses toning (sound vibration) during breath sessions.  Many spiritual traditions use sound for ceremonies and to uplift their spirit including chanting, keening, etc.  Benefits of toning are many:
    • vibration of human voice is considered the most powerful healing force of all
    • enhances self-expression and self empowerment
    • non-verbal sound used to release and create balance and harmony
    • releases old patterns of physical, emotional and mental limitations
    • helps get out of our heads and into our heart; connecting our body and mind
    • allows us to access our emotions
    • oxygenates us; regulates blood flow; tunes our nervous system
    • human voice creates inner esoteric vibrations
  • We use intentions to create powerful, meaningful and positive aspects clients want to bring into their lives.

What are the benefits of Transformational Breath®?

  • Physical benefits
    • you get 60% more oxygen into your system; anaerobic diseases such as cancer can not grow in oxygenate cells
    • 70% of detoxification is through the breath.  Great for detoxifying and lymphatic drainage
    • headaches
    • asthma and respiratory ailments
    • chronic fatigue
    • digestive ailments
    • sleep apnea
    • pain control
  • Emotional/mental benefits
    • resolves addiction
    • improves depression, panic attacks, phobias, stress
    • improves sense of well being and sense of self worth
  • Spiritual Benefits
    • stronger connection to self, and self love
    • awareness and unity consciousness
    • deeper meditation

How did Transformational Breath® start?

Judith Kravitz is the founder of Transformational Breath®.  In 1979, Judith was diagnosed with throat cancer.  Through her doctoral studies in metaphysics and divine messaging she was guided to use the diaphragmatic breath along with other natural modalities to heal herself of cancer without the use of drugs or surgery.  Judith has since devoted four decades to helping others to work through stored emotions and to cure physical ailments through her Transformational Breath® work.

While benefits can be realized in as quickly as one session, practiced over time it has the ability to permanently transform negative patterns and elicit connection to spirit.

How long are the sessions and what do we do?

First sessions are usually 1.5-2 hours long.

  • 20 minutes of overview of Transformational breath® and setting intention for the session
  • 1 hour of breath work (kundalini dance to get heart rate up, 45 minutes of breath work, 10 minutes meditation)
  • 20 minutes of reactivating normal breath and integration. 

Subsequent sessions are 1 hour 15 minutes to 1.30 hours long.

What to expect in a session?

Every breath session is very different.  Some are blissful, some can bring up old trauma and some can be just getting in lots of oxygen.  They are all perfect.  You can expect:

  • tingling sensation in your arms and legs from increased oxygenation
  • fatigued or energized from the continuous active breathing
  • deep emotions might surface
  • deep sense of peace and relaxation
  • higher state of consciousness
  • overtime, it can also facilitate powerful and spiritual experiences
  • resistance to letting go and trying to stay in control

We also do body mapping, which is touching the areas of your respiratory system where breath is not flowing, to bring more oxygen into these areas.  These areas sometimes hold trauma or negative energy and can be painful or bring up old emotions.  All emotions are welcome in breath sessions.  

We also encourage toning, which is a healing process used to bring more oxygen into your session, or to dissipate feelings of being overwhelmed.  During toning we simultaneously activate the vocal cords and physical movement of your arms and legs. 


"I have always maintained a presence outside of my body and have never really felt grounded. I would breathe into my chest, not my abdomen. Just didn't know how to do it. This was the first time I have ever felt whole, connected and grounded. What I experienced in this workshop is truly miraculous. I have come home!!" 
-Peter Korkosz, Lexington, MA

"I am more in the present moment, have an incredible calm center and have moments of spontaneous joy, that come from a different place. Not much stresses me at work anymore and I found myself noticing people's spiritual essence - beyond their personalities, which gives me more compassion for others. I know I will use this gift the rest of my life and am excited to see where it takes me!" 
-Diane Lang, New Mexico

"For the first time in ages I felt energy flowing throughout my body - arms, hands, legs, feet - I believe this is incredible work" 
-Marie Manis, Somerville, MA

What to bring to group sessions?

Depending on the facility, we will ask that you bring the following; however, please always check with me, because most of the time, we have everything you need.  

  • mat
  • pillow
  • blanket
  • water
  • journal
  • eye pillow (if you prefer)


Transformational Breath is also offered in combination with Life Coaching, Deep Tissue Massage and Yoga Sessions.  

If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to email me at lindavazin@gmail.com.