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When I was born, my mom was terrified. I was a blue baby, meaning my heart had a defect and i would either die or need surgery.  My mom asked my grandmother to come live with us to help take care of me. Thankfully my heart ended up closing on its own, and my grandmother and I became insanely close due to her caring for me.  


My grandmother passed away, when I was 11 years old.  With my grandmother gone and my sister so far away at boarding school, I was left feeling lonely, crying all the time.  My mom thought it would be a good idea for me to leave Iran, and our home so I wouldn't be reminded of my grandmother all the time.  Honestly, I think she couldn't bear to see me crying all the time.

The loneliness continued and led to depression at age 16. Didn't realize at that time what had hit me, other than there was a deep sense of loneliness in my heart.  I remember laying in bed at boarding school feeling like my heart was going to explode. 

My twenties were a big blur. I moved about 40 times, never feeling settled. I participated in workshops to improve my mental state, took up swimming, and read tons of self help books to make myself feel better.  Some things helped, but most didn't. 

At 32, my daughter was born.  Although it was challenging, I was in love.  I started practicing yoga, which changed my life.  I continued to learn new modalities, pilates, life coaching, Ayurvedics, and more.

At 49, I got a divorce and as challenging as it was, life was great for a few years.

3 years later, my daughter came back from college with severe depression, and I went into survival mode.  Worse times of my life; however, it led me to Transformational Breath.  This specific kind of breathwork allowed me to peel away so many layers of unprocessed emotions, especially the abandonment I felt when I lost my grandmother and came to the US.  The difference between all the mental work I had done in the past to heal and this new transformational change was the breathwork.  Breathwork addressed so much more than my mental state.  It changed me from the inside out and brought a sense of gratitude and peace into my life that I had never experienced before.

Since then, I have been working with people physically, emotionally and spiritually using all the modalities I know. 

My daughter and my clients are my biggest teachers.

I want to share what I know and what works with as many people as possible...If I can find peace, so can you!  I have made it my mission to support people in finding love and compassion toward themselves and others.   

If you are struggling to find peace within yourself and it is affecting your relationships, reach out; let me help you or download my free breathwork guide here.  

Learn more about my professional background below. 



  • Deep tissue, fascia release, sports massage certified since 1985
  • Masters in Exercise Physiology 1987
  • Yoga therapy, pranayama certified with 7 master teachers since 1995
  • Ayruvedics massage certified since 1996 from Chopra Center
  • Pilates Certified since 2002
  • Life coach certified by Debbie Ford from since 2008 
  • Flexibility Trainer Navy SEALS in San Diego 2013/2014
  • Transformational Breath Facilitator/Trainer 2015
  • Sound healing 2018


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