3 practices to a Special Thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2019

Just sharing 3 practices you probably already know, but might need a small reminder before Thanksgiving; but before we get started, i wanted to thank you for being part of this community.  

  1. Connect - I get so excited about connecting and hanging out with family & friends on Thanksgiving.  As a kid, I remember my mom being so busy with cooking, cleaning and serving people, that we didn’t get a chance to spend quality time with her.  So this is a reminder to stop what you are doing every once in a while, look at people in the eyes and truly be present when you are talking to them. If it’s ok with them, give them long heart to heart hugs.  Being a heart with ears is the biggest gift anyone could receive.  It's better than a perfectly cooked meal. 
  2. Acceptance - Then there are family members and friends that trigger us.  It’s so easy to love people that we are in line with; However, accepting someone that annoys us and we don’t see eye to eye with, is where we have an opportunity to grow.   

I was people watching at a concert the other night.  My friend and I were talking about how each of the thousands of people at the concert had their own home, with their unique set of values, beliefs, perceptions on life and life experiences according to their upbringing and circumstances.  So when someone annoys you, remember that they are so different than you.  Practicing acceptance, respecting our differences, dropping our expectations and judgments and meeting people where they are at, is a true act of KINDNESS! 

3. Gratitude- Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, so this is a reminder to go back to gratitude when your mind goes toward “turkey turned out too dry” or “the next door neighbor is talking too much”…. You can’t be in a state of gratitude and annoyance at the same time, so choose gratitude.    


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