Interview on Breath Work with Dr. Cathy Scalon

breathe emotional May 24, 2021


If you had a choice between driving a Maserati or a Pinto, which would you choose?

We all have a Maserati sitting in our body, but when we don’t use it properly, it drives like a Pinto… guess what system that is?

It’s your breath…

Do you want to:

-learn how to use your breath to have more energy, clarity, focus, better sleep and illuminate sleep apnea

-be able to release stress & negative emotions, have a better perception on life and let go of overwhelm

-live in your heart and connect to yourself & others with appreciation and compassion.

If you have not test driven your breath yet…I mean really learn how different breath modalities affect the way you feel and operate, give it a try!!


I am sharing an interview with Dr. Cathy Scanlon who also teaches and coaches breath work.  Dr. Scanlon holds a PhD, was as an academic research scientist for 8 years in Psychiatry and Neurology, and switched to coaching breath work after she experienced a few session. 

Our paths and methodologies are very similar and wanted to share her language and perspective with you. 

The thing that always fascinates me is that our emotions are directly connected with the way we breathe, and we can change our emotions by changing the way we breathe!!  Fascinating!!



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