Why meditators hold their thumb & index finger together?

Apr 12, 2021

In Indian philosophy, the hands are the control panel to the whole body.  Different hand gestures are used to activate certain parts of the brain to promote health and balance in the body.  Each fingertip activates a certain area in the brain.  

The hand gesture that most of us are familiar with is called Gyana Mudra, and its mostly used for meditation after a yoga class.  This specific hand gesture increases creativity and concentration during meditation. 

In India and Ayruvedic philosophy, these hand gestures are called mudras and are used as a form of medicine by practitioners. 

These gestures lock in and create different energies in the body.  The energy is subtle, but definitely present. 

There are approximately 399 mudras.  I picked a few that can come handy and have worked for me.  When you practice, try to make it a meditation and stay at least for 5 minutes.  

Apana Mudra- digestion


Touching the tips of your thumb, middle and ring fingers on each hand.  Straighten the pinky and index finger and rest your hands on your lap.

This mudra is great for elimination, urination and menstruation.  It’s great for people who have digestive issues.  

Yoni Mudra- anxiety


Bring index fingers together, thumbs together so they form a diamond shape.  Point the thumbs toward you.  Interlock the rest of your fingers and rest your hand on your lap.

This mudra balances our the left and right hemispheres of the brain and calms down the nervous system.  It is great for relieving anxiety. 

Jan Mudra - painful dry joints


Touch the tips of your thumb and pinky fingers on each respective hand together.  Straighten your other fingers.  Rest you hands on your lap

This mudra is great for lubricating the body, so its beneficial for dry skin, dehydration, loss of taste and painful joints.


Hridaya Mudra - heart strengthener

Place tip of the index finger at the root of the thumb.  Press middle and ring finger to tip of the thumb.  Little finger remains straight.  Rest your hands on you knees facing upward.

Great for balancing the heart and increasing heart’s power and function.  This mudra has been said to help as a first aid for heart attacks. 


As I mentioned, there are hundreds more!  I love using mudras, they automatically take me inward and ground me.  

Take care and reach out if you would like more info on mudras.




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