Science behind sound healing

breathe Jul 16, 2019

I know a lot of people think sound healing is woohoo medicine, but for the past few years, I have been studying sound and the research behind it is vast.  Sound healing is dated back to ancient Greece when music was used in an attempt to cure mental disorder.  

I have always felt the powerful effect of sound; sometimes I have been super low and depressed and put on a song and it completely shifts my energy.  Or have seen clients come in with stress and I put them in these yoga poses with some really relaxing music and can see their faces completely change.  But when I saw this video on youtube, I completely got it.

The vibration of sound re-organizes our cells into geometric shapes found in nature…like plants, trees, etc.  The higher the frequency of sound, the more complex the geometric figures get.  

In this youtube video, there is a sound machine below the metal plate.  Watch how the geometric shapes of the sand change and get more complex as they increase the sound frequency.  

Guess what!!  The same happens in our bodies.  When we listen to music, our cells re-organize themselves.  One of the reasons gongs and bowls are so calming is because the sound is unpredictable and the mind has to let go.  Even though regular music can still change our vibration, the predictable beats and lyrics keep our minds engaged. 

As you already know, our bodies are genetically pre-programmed to be self-healing instruments.  So why not include sound in your daily routine.  There are amazing sound tracks on youtube.  Search sound frequencies for healing or sleeping or abundance and see what you find.    

Here are some benefits of sound!!

•Reducing stress and anxiety

•Stimulating the immune system

•Increasing energy levels

•Eliminating anger and lowering blood pressure

•Improving circulation and blood flow

•Promoting deep relaxation

•Inhibiting and relieving pain

•Combating negative energy and emotions

•Strengthening intuition

•Improving sleep

•Aiding digestion

•Balancing the chakras (energy centers)

•Helping achieve an elevated state of consciousness

•Increasing mental clarity and creativity

•Promoting happiness and stillness


Take a listen 👂


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