One Step at a TIME...

May 04, 2022

If you get upset… do you judge yourself for being upset and angry?

If you feel sad, do feel bad about yourself for not being 100% happy?

Can you hold space for your feelings, or do you want them to go away immediately?

When I work with people, many times when they feel an unpleasant feeling, they just want it to go away.  They resist what they are feeling and want to be feeling their normal self right away.  

Majority of the time, this is not possible.  We can only take ONE STEP toward the feeling we want to have…not a giant leep.  

If we are angry, we can go for a walk, call a friend, punch a pillow, to feel 10-30% less angry. But it is hard to go from anger to happy in a short amount of time.  

So your mission this week, should you choose to accept it, is to: 

-notice when you have an unpleasant feeling

-take a deep breath, and think about what you can do to make yourself feel 5-30% better, without any expectations. 

-Be patient and kind to yourself and acknowledge that feeling just a little bit better is good enough. 

Celebrate your little action steps and wins even if you are not where you want to be.  

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