Why forgive when someone has been so awful!

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2019

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you.

 Sometimes when I am having a hard time letting go of a thought that is toxic and annoying me, I have found that by repeating this mantra, I go from toxic to feeling calm and centered. 

I have shared this mantra with people that have ill feelings toward a person that has truly harmed them.  I get it…why would you want to forgive someone that has beat you up, abused or betrayed you.  It feels like if you forgive them, you are saying that all that they did was ok…and it will never be ok. 

But forgiveness in ho’oponopono and even in Course of Miracles, is not about forgiving the person, but forgiving the stored memories of that person and events.  It’s really not about that person, but about your own health; it’s about freeing yourself from carrying around a heavy burden every day. As long as you carry negative feelings toward someone, they will always own a part of you. You might not feel it everyday, but that negative vibration holds us back. 

These are what the words mean…

I’m sorry…for carrying this thought and memory around with me

Forgive me…ask your higher self for forgiveness for allowing these negative thoughts to lead you astray

Thank you….for the opportunity to free yourself of these thoughts

I love you…because love is a healing energy.  And you are saying I love you to yourself and the memories.

Somehow the feelings of anger, resentment, hatred melt away when you just say the words. It’s simple, yet powerful!!  The words change your vibration of the memory and that shifts your feelings without trying to figure things out.