Discover the power of your breath!!

Nov. 16th 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

One day Transformational Breath® Workshop

Learn how to use most powerful tool you have....YOUR BREATH!!

 This one day workshop includes...

 Two Transformational Breath® sessions 

How to use your diaphragm to breath and its benefits

How different breath patterns effect us physically and emotionally (anxiety, depression, low-energy, etc.), and how to open restricted breath patterns

How to navigate through life using your breath

Sound healing

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Breath work is medicine for the body, mind & soul!

Physical benefits

Learn to breathe more openly and efficiently

70% more oxygen, more energy


Better sleep

Better digestion, immune system

Better health

Emotional Benefits

Mental clarity

Integrate suppressed emotions and trauma that are stored in the subconscious

Less stress, depression, anxiety



Spiritual Benefits

Connect more fully with one's higher self

Access to higher levels of awareness

Connection to others

Deepen self love and self acceptance

Linda Vazin
For the past 35 years, Linda Vazin has used her own life experiences in dealing with depression, back aches, shoulder aches, and feeling at lost to grown and help others.  
She has been working with clients on physical and emotional levels using fascia release, yoga therapy, pilates, life coaching, breathwork and & sound healing.   Many of these modalities helped her but it was breathwork where she was able to make the big leaps she needed.   
After experiencing the power with her own transformation she has now made it her mission to share this work.

"Linda’s transformational breath work is not only cathartic and healing, it's provided me with tools as simple as breath to modify my energy and obtain positive results in my life. Her feedback is to the point and valuable in personal growth to overcome unseen inner blocks. I’ve worked with authentic healers and energy coaches over the years and recommend Linda if you're willing to do the work it takes to reach a “higher consciousness” and feel what you may not want to feel. Her approach is non judgmental and the results are measurable, even profound at times. Linda really cares."

Bruce Caulk
Producer/Director Movies

"I have been a medical doctor practicing internal medicine, primary care, cardiology, geriatrics and end-of-life care for 30 years. Linda has cared for my body, breath and spirit with her multiple therapeutic disciplines - transformational breath work, pilates, trauma-release exercise, yoga, sound therapy and her amazing, always honest and real healing presence. I consider myself blessed beyond words for all that she is and all she has shared with me. What is crystal clear to me today and everyday is that Linda is a healer of infinite capacity. The patients I refer to her are better in all realms - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual."

Dr. Mark Kalina
MD, Integrative Medical Dr. at Pacific Pearl

Join us for this powerful week end that will change the way you perceive and live your life . For questions, please don't hesitate to call or email Linda.... [email protected] or 323-333-3033.


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