Hormone Yoga Therapy with Corinne

Feb. 15th - 10am-3pm & Feb. 16th 9am - 12pm

Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women, is a holistic and natural approach to ease or eliminate the adverse symptoms of hormonal imbalances. The imbalances may be related to PMS, irregular cycles, fertility challenges, peri-menopause, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and more. This technique involves the practice of dynamic postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), concentration, and visualization. The glands responsible for hormone production are the ovaries, thyroid and pituitary glands, and to a lesser degree the adrenal glands. These glands are addressed in HYT by utilizing internal massage and consciously directing the energy flow during each exercise. 


In this two-day workshop you will learn and practice the series technique to enable you to practice on your own. A guide and template hand-out will be provided to you outlining the breathing & posture techniques. Once learned, the practice only takes 30 minutes and is recommended 3 - 4 times/week for optimal results. 

This practice will leave you feeling Rejuvenated, and Energetic. 


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Dinah Rodrigues Interview Hormone Yoga

Listen to the creator of this amazing yoga therapy sequencing!! Corinne is Certified in Hormone Yoga Therapy by the Founder and Internationally Acclaimed Teacher from Brazil - Dinah Rodrigues. https://www.dinahrodrigues.com.br

Corinne McNally

Corinne McNally, is one of very few teachers in North America, certified in Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) for Women, by its founder, Dinah Rodrigues. While HYT is well known in South America, Europe, and particularly in the Czech Republic, it is now gaining popularity in North America. Women around the world are seeking natural and holistic methods to balance their

hormones, and HYT is one of the leading ways in which to do it.

Corinne comes from a dance and movement background as well, and has enjoyed being a student of yoga for most of her life. She has been teaching yoga for over fifteen years, including yoga for pregnancy and beyond. Corinne is also a birth doula, and feels blessed to have attended births over many years.

Currently, Corinne is focusing her teaching on sharing this amazing hormone balancing sequence. She is very passionate about women’s health and is excited to be invited to Breath, Body, Connection Studio. Her teaching methods imbue humour, honesty, sincerity and an open heart. You will feel at ease while having fun, and learning a unique yoga method.


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Benefits of Hormone Yoga Therapy

HYT helps with the following: 

 Peri-Menopause, Menopause, Premature Menopause

• PMS (premenstrual stress syndrome)

• Irregular Periods

• Infertility (caused by hormonal imbalances)

 PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)

• Polycystic Ovaries (symptoms of which include: hirsutism, infertility,             acne, weight gain)

• Amenorrhea (loss of menstruation/ovulation)                         

• Ovarian cysts

• Depression, emotional instability, memory impairment (caused by low             levels of thyroid hormones)

• Low libido, dry vagina

• Osteoporosis

• Incontinence

• Under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism)

• Hypertension

• Hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin and acne

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Insomnia, low energy, fatigue

• And many other problems caused by hormonal imbalances 


If you have experienced or are experiencing any of the below, please consult with you doctor before joining HYT classes:

• Breast Cancer (hormone dependent, before or after surgery),after breast cancer surgery (not hormone dependent) medical permission 

• Currently Pregnant

• Untreated Advanced Endometriosis (medical permission needed)

• Hyperthyroidism

• Large Myomas (medical permission needed) 

• Non-Diagnosed Abdominal Pain

• After Heart Surgery (medical permission needed)    

    •       Advanced Osteoporosis
    •     Labyrinthitis (inflammation of the inner ear) – Vertigo
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For questions regarding content contact Corinne at ¬†https://www.lotusmoonyoga.ca - For registeration, please contact Linda at [email protected] or 323-333-3033


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