Why work with me?

My coaching method is different in that:

  • it integrative - I teach you how to incorporate it into your daily life so it becomes a simple daily practice
  • It's experiential - I help you apply  proven mind and body modalities to release old patterns from the MIND and BODY (old saying "your issues are in your tissues)
  • It's community based - I create a space where you feel safe to show up 100% yourself and still be loved


Mental Processes

Through the right questions, present moment awareness and powerful written and experiential exercises, we discover how your old patterns continue showing up in your life.  

Physical Release

You know the old saying ‘our issues are in our tissues’?  We’ll use breathwork, mirror work, shaking, voice, yoga, sound, and movement to release old emotional patterns on a cellular level.


Have you ever wanted to talk to someone without getting advice?  Felt scared of being judged if you shared your darkest secrets? In this community, we will always love and hold space for you no matter how you show up.  

One-on-One Coaching

you will get pampered, pushed, supported, and held accountable
you will discover insights and patterns you never knew you had
you will develop powerful habits and useful tools to incorporate into your life
you will walk away with an open heart, feeling compassion for yourself and  others

After 35 years in the wellness industry, I will customize an integrative coaching program including breathwork, meditation, written processes, yoga, fascia release, movement, sound healing and so much more for YOUR specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 


To find out more, please contact Linda at

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“I have been a medical doctor practicing internal medicine, primary care, cardiology, geriatrics and end-of-life care for 30 years. Linda has cared for my body, breath and spirit with her multiple therapeutic disciplines - transformational breath work, pilates, trauma-release exercise, yoga, sound therapy and her amazing, always honest and real healing presence.

I consider myself blessed beyond words for all that she is and all she has shared with me.

What is crystal clear to me today and everyday is that Linda is a healer of infinite capacity. The patients I refer to her are better in all realms - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual..”
Dr. Mark Kalina, Internal Medicine 
Pacific Pearl, La Jolla, CA 


Coming Home

Transform your worries, fears, upsets, and doubts into inner peace and joy in this 7 week online course.  
In this course, you will experience how proven integrative methods such as breath work, movement, Trauma Release Exercises, and Coming Home's written & experiential practices will lead you to a life filled with gratitude and compassion for yourself and everyone around you.  


Come Back Home to YOU!

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