Feb. 22, 2020 - 9am-12pm

Are you seeking a much needed break from schoolwork and demands of life?

Whether you're experiencing sensory overload from electronic devices lack of sleep, or academic pressure, iRest meditation will allow you to rest, reduce stress and improve mental health.

You will become empowered to nourish well-being knowing the many benefits of iRest:

-Enhanced academic and physical performance

-Manage and reduce stress

-Boost confidence and resiliency

-Improve focus, concentration, and memory recall

-Decrease anxiety, worry and overwhelm

-Increase overall well-being

Show up as you are and experience the meditative part of YOGA!

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Denie Shae

Kindness, compassion and grace are the qualities Denie Shae Martinez embodies with her clients and in her daily life. In 2012, she transitioned from creating balanced external spaces with Interior Design to turning the focus inward and harmonizing the whole being- body, mind and spirit with Wholistic Health and Wellness.
As the creator of Giving Tree Essentials, an enlightened health and wellness practice that specializes in Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and Aromatic Botanical Therapy, she thrives when connecting with those on their healing journey.
In 2015 she began facilitating iRest, Energy Healing and Yoga groups at Sandy’s Place, the Women’s Chemical Dependency Program of Hotel California by the Sea Rehabilitation Center in Costa Mesa. Denie Shae has provided blissful therapeutic treatments at spas, as well as Ayurvedic clinics, and assists regularly the iRest Institute in training and Immersions, where she has learned the art of listening with loving kindness.  A passion of hers is to collaborate and work with others that value wholistic care, compassion and educating clientele on self-care practices.  
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iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation is a researched mindfulness based practice rooted in ancient wisdom teachings of yoga and meditation. 

An ideal practice for re-shaping neural pathways critical to fostering emotional self-regulation, ethical decision-making, resiliency enhancement of cognitive and emotional skills.  A regular practice can reduce muscle tension, high blood pressure, stress levels, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, chronic pain and fatigue while promoting resiliency, gratitude, joy and ease of being.  


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