Posture Effect





What is Posture Effect


Pancafit® improves people’s posture and physical condition thanks to its action on tensions fascial planes and muscular stiffness.

The Raggi Method® with Pancafit® is a method of postural rebalancing through a global body approach that works by carefully taking into consideration the patients as a whole, observing all parameters, signs, dysfunctions, and/or traumas. Everything that has influenced a person’s life and posture is taken into account.

During the analysis we do in the practice with the clients, we search for past physical traumas, scars, surgical interventions, malocclusions (having internal or external cause), wrong postures, wrong ways of doing exercise or of using the body in general, emotional situations that have left a deep sign on the patients; we investigate in order to detect the presence of intestinal dysbiosis, alimentary intolerances, autoimmune diseases, hereditary factors, etc.

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MEET Marial Limon

Professional Dancer / Choreographer / Dance Teacher

Certified Raggi Method ® 

Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance 

Ballet Teacher Training by Accademia “Teatro alla SCALA”. ITALY

Bachelor of Marketing by TEC de Monterrey


Marial has always shown and a big commitment to educate and help others achieve their goals. While living in Italy, she discovered an amazing new method, after 15 years in dance training, with 1 hour of this new discovery of an italian methodology for posture she achieved amazing results. Suddenly she was doing twice the turns, she was more elevated and her figure became transformed. Her thoughts almost abandoned trying too hard to be straighter in Ballet class.

Before Pancafit® training had always been painful.  After a couple of sessions with the tool she felt dancing like a feather. She now wanted to share this with all her students in America. Ever since she attempted to get certified in this method and started a business and professional relationship with Dr. Raggi to bring the method to the US in 2019. Throughout the learning process, she discovered that this method is powerful for all people, not just dancers. Meeting with different clients in Italy she met people whose lives have been changed completely because of this method. A strong feeling of sharing developed in her heart, together with her husband THE POSTURE EFFECT was started. 


From the age of fifteen she was already a choreographer, winning Mexican competitions. She began her career as a professional dancer with the direction of teachers of Ballet de Monterrey, while studying in New York as well. In 2009 she went to live in Texas for 5 years, in which she worked as a teacher and choreographer of the following academies; Trilogy, Heather Stolle´s Dance Center, Performing Arts Conservatory of Texas, The Quenedith Ballet School. Soon she ventured into producing her first musical production called Human Beauty with around 30 artists on stage bringing musicians, dancers, actors and singers in San Antonio, TX.


In 2013 she moved to Italy, where she had the opportunity to study Classical Dance Teacher at the prestigious Accademia “Teatro alla SCALA”. She started using the Raggi Method and Pancafit classes, in order to achieve an audition with around 250 dancers from all over Italy. She stood out and was selected to perform in the dance company used for fashion shows by the renowned fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana. She is also the Founder of IMPLORA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education of the arts for children with less access to culture: music, dance, singing, plastic arts, with a strong humanitarian sense. 

THIS METHOD works directly on several physical components. One component in particular is thediaphragm. Specific attention is given to correct movement of the diaphragm, which often is verytense and blocked. Restoring function to the diaphragm can restore proper breathing patterns, improve digestion, inhibit hypertonic muscles, reduce pain and improve a person’s well being.

When the technique of global non-compensated muscular stretching and the diaphragmatic breathing are carried out rigorously, the body can begin to show other physical reactions. It is asif the cells of our body start to remember the old traumas and pain that had remained fixed in thetissue and in the mind, which now accepts to remember these once forgotten things. This condi- tion constitutes the so called “backwards path” which frees the muscles and the joints.

“People regain health, the will to move,
and the freedom to live pain free.”

Pancafit® improves people’s posture and physical condition thanks to its action on tensions fascial planes and muscular stiffness.

Other areas that benefit from the Raggi Method® are: