Reclaim Your Breath - Reclaim Your Life

Transformational Breath® week-end workshop - Feb. 7-9th

When I tell people I teach breath work, most people's response is “I already know how to breathe, otherwise, I wouldn’t be alive”.

So true, however, through out life, we all adopt different breath patterns according to our unique life experiences.  Some of these breath patterns, have physical risks; And the benefits of non-restricted breath patterns are numerous. 

Join us for a week-end of transforming your life through your breath.  Experience how your breath can create a better life with more energy, health and balance.


  • Experience 5 powerful Transformational Breath® sessions
  • Learn the physical, emotional & spiritual benefits of Transformational Breath®
  • Learn about your own unique breathing pattern and how to release restrictions
  • Understand the self healing power of your breath
  • Release limitations & negativity that hold you back
  • Experience joy & peace on a cellular level
  • Experience deep connection to your spirit, higher self and others
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Jessica's experience with Transformational Breath®

Linda Vazin


Linda has been working with clients using different healing modalities for the past 35 years.  She is a certified yoga therapist, deep tissue bodyworker, pilates instructor, life coach and Transformational Breath® Group Leader.

She began working with clients on a physical level through body work, yoga and pilates and soon realized that most physical pain and disease is emotionally derived.  

6 years ago, she started practicing Transformational Breath and that truly transformed her life.  Now she combines life coaching with Transformational Breath for permanent change!


Feb. 7-9, 2020

Friday 6:30-9:30  -  Saturday 9am- 6pm  -   Sunday 9am - 5:00 pm

$347 early bird - $397 after Jan. 7, 2020

Breath Body Connection

909 Prospect Street, 100-F  La Jolla, CA 92037


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Olivia's experience

Breath Body Connection

Breath Body Connection is in the heart of La Jolla Village.  It is walking distance to many hotels, restaurants and a block away from the beach.  

To find recommendations on accommodations in your price range, please click on the link below, or feel free to call me regarding any questions you might have.  

You will also find all types of coffee shops, food and grocery stores walking distance from the venue.  

[email protected]


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Atela experience with Transformational Breath®

Space is limited to only 8 people

For questions: Linda at [email protected] or 323-333-3033


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