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Abe Taliaferro

Join Abe for Transformational Breath® group session.  Abe is the youngest child of Judith Kravitz. He has been exposed to Transformational Breath® his entire life and is currently TBF's Legal & Compliance Officer.

He has trained with Judith all over the world; including Turkey, Italy, and numerous US locations. Abe has a BA in Business Administration from the University of Maine. He has deep and sensitive understanding of the breath. "I am very eager and excited to share the power of the breath and help heal this world one breath at a time!"

Jessica's Experience with Transformational Breath®

Why Breathwork?

The main difference between breath work and meditation is that most breath modalities change the pattern of your breath, while meditation is more about following your natural breath flow.  So if you are a shallow or chest breather, you can meditate for years with the same breath pattern. 
Our focus at breath body connection is to get you to use your diaphragm to breath; to develop a circular breath and increase air volume by 50-80%.  
Altering breath patterns can alter mental and emotional states.  We can consciously change our chemistry, outlook, and attitude by changing the depth, rhythm and rate of breathing.  The use of breath to improve our health, emotional state, and mental clarity is a skill everyone could benefit from. 
Here are some benefits of Transformational Breathwork:
Physical Benefits
  • Calms down the nervous system and regulates emotions
  • Chronic fatigue-70% of our energy comes from our breath
  • Detoxification-70% of our toxins are released through breath
  • Better sleep
  • Anaerobic diseases such as cancer can't grow in oxygenated cells
  • Asthma
  • Digestive issues
Emotional Benefits:
  • Relieves stress
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Relieves depression
  • Processing old emotions
  • Addiction
Spiritual Benefits
  • Connection to self
  • Heart connection to others
  • Joy
  • Alignment of heart and will power


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Olive's experience with Transformational Breath®

How Sound Healing Works

Whether it is the vibration of your own voice or an instruments, sound re-organizes the cellular structure of your body. The higher the pitch, the more complex geometric shapes the cells form in the body.  These shapes are also found in plants, water .... 
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