Step into a NEW energetic, flexible, pain-free body 


without hour long classes

wondering what stretches to do

and if you are doing them right!!!

If you have tight muscles, or lack of energy because of nagging back and neck pain, then you already know that stretching will get you back to your good posture and pain free body.  






  • You probably already know that yoga, thai chi and exercising are the only treatments that prevent the reoccurrence of lower back pain. 

  • Stretching gets down to the root cause of the problem and helps re-align your body and create new muscle patterns. Cortisone shots, meds, chiropractic, are great ways to get temporary relief, but are not long-term solutions for pain relief or good posture. 
  • Also, you probably heard that stretching increases circulation of blood in your body, and increases your energy level.  So it's a great Midday Pick-Me-Upper!!

    You might think "I don't have time to stretch", but in fact, it increases your focus, your productivity and your energy level so you end up having extra time.
  • And I'm sure you have already noticed that when you get tense and stressed, your muscles contract and when you stretch them out, the muscles let go.  This releases endorphins which make you feel joyful and peaceful. 

    This can be accomplished with a few minutes of stretching a few times a day.  


Even though the reasons to start stretching are so obvious, the process involved in actually doing it regularly is anything but.


Start a stretching Routine? Awesome!!

But what do I do and will I continue?


Perhaps your moments of most pain, you decided to do something about it!

You’ve gone online and picked a few stretches that you think might help, and started to do them for a few days. As soon as you felt a little better, you stopped, and the pain creeped back in. 

The pain got so bad, that you really think something major is wrong.  You reached out to a doctor and they told you to do only what they know..take medication and rest. 

Here is why most people stop or don’t  stretch when they know it is good for them!

They get too busy, overwhelmed and tired, so self care takes back seat to the list of “things to do”.  And living with the familiar pain is tolerated. 

They don’t see immediate results; not taking into consideration that it took a long time to get to where they are in the first place.

Not sure what to do and who to listen to…too much information and its all confusing and time consuming.

Lucky for you!!!  You don’t have to devote a lot of time to guessing what stretches to do to get results.  

And learn how to weave them into your daily routine for an energetic pain free body!


Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret!!

As long as you get to know your body and treat it kindly with regular gentle mindful stretching....

And work on creating life long healthy habits of weaving stretching and mindfulness into your day... 

You will transform your body and feel so empowered, energetic, and alive.  

With your permission, I would love to show you how you can feel great!





15 stretch sequence that transforms your body from painful and sluggish to pain free and energetic without hour long classes

With my 30 years of experience working one-on-one with clients and in group setting like the Navy Seals; I have had the opportunity to track results and determine which stretches are most effective and safe.  


Take the guessing out of stretching

is the only program of its kind that will:

1. educate you on the "how" and "why" of 15 stretches that will empower you to create an effective daily stretching routine 

2. offer 15 classes that show you how to do these stretches behind your desk, in the kitchen, on the floor, etc., so you can incorporate them into your daily life with ease

3. emphasize the importance of mindfulness and breathing while stretching

4.  offer 4 breath mediations to practice after each class to relax the nervous system & increase your oxygen intake

Here's how we'll help you get here:

Module 1

7 Range of Motion Hip Stretches 


It's important to take your hip joint through essential ranges of motion to keep you lower back, hips and knees flexible and pain free

  • the "why" and "how" of each stretch
  • 5 daily classes on how to do these stretches on a chair, floor, behind desk, ....
  • how to break muscle tightness in these muscles using la crosse balls
  • core exercises you can do everywhere
Module 2

4 Shoulder and Neck stretches


Shoulder and neck stretches that will help you maintain good posture, and pain free neck  

  • the "why" and "how" of each stretch
  • 5 daily classes
  • how to break muscle tightness around the neck and shoulders and how to strengthen
Module 3

4 Spine Stretches


Keeps the spine healthy and lubricated to alleviates neck and back pain

  • the "why" and "how" of each stretch
  • 5 daily classes
  • how to break muscle tightness along the spine with la crosse balls

Take the guessing out of stretching is a simple, yet powerful course that fits into your busy schedule and produces results.  How do I know?  Because I have tried it on so many clients, and they all have gotten sooner or later depending on how chronic their condition was.  


If you commit to the stretches and the 5 daily classes for the first 5 days and you do not find it effective, and feel confident that this program will help align your body, create a better posture and relieve your pain in the long run, then simply reach out to me [email protected] and I will make sure you get your money back.  

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

taking the guessing out of stretching - 250 Value

  • 4 Meditations - 100 Value

Total Value: $350

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $350

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:


Pay Monthly

2 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

1 Payment of 



You're not ready to commit yet?  No problem! 

I would like to spoil you anyway with a free gift!

I will send you pdf file, videos and more on 4 stretches and strengthening exercises that will help you so much.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Studies show that people that stretch have had better long term results than people that went through surgery.  Stretching is the only way one can change muscle memory and re-align the body.  Plus I have worked with thousands of people and have seen them transform.  

If a person has severe pain and stretching causes more pain (nervy pain) than just releasing muscle tightness, then reaching out to a doctor and working one on one with a physical therapist is highly recommended.

One of my main goals for this program was to provide easy stretching for busy people.  That's why the stretches have been narrowed down to 15 and I show you how to do them anywhere.  Now you just have to change your mindset and do them:)

I can't promise that you don't need more than just stretching because everyone's body is so different.  Unless I get to see you and what the issues are, I can't say exactly what you need.  But I have worked with enough people to know that 95% of the time, easing into these stretches has relieved pain.  AND they are on their way to gradually get better, NOT worse.  Not doing anything about it, is a sure way to decline. 

The stretches I have picked are 5000 year old yoga stretches and they work.  

I am presenting them to you in a simple way so you can weave them into your life. Out of thousands of stretches, you can do these to keep your joints and body health. I want to empower you to take care of your body no matter how busy you get.  

And what my main goal is for you to notice how you treat your body.  Do you say kind things about your body when it's hurting?  Where is your mind?  I love to remind you that your body is listening to what you are thinking!! 

The 15 classes give you so many examples of ways you can do the stretches on a chair, behind the kitchen counter, etc.  And once you get to know the stretches, you will become so creative in re-produce them in different enviroments. 

There are 4 three minute breath sessions included in the program.  Each one of them guides you into a meditation with different breath technique; and they each have different effects. They are all extremely beneficial for your health and nervous system. 

You will have 7 days to test drive the program to see if it's for you.  I will make sure you get your money back if after 7 days, you decide you do not want to stay in.  

-3 modules that explain and show 15 Range of motion stretches

-15 daily classes that show how these stretches can be done in variety of ways, plus how to break down muscle tissue and strengthen

-4 audio breath meditations

-Facebook community support

-Facebook Live 3x for support and to answer questions

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

taking the guessing out of stretching - $250 Value

  • 4 Meditations - $100 Value

Total Value: $350

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $350

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

2 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

One Payments of




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