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Source Resonance - Level 1

2 Day Sound Healing Intensive

Jan. 18 & 19, 2020 - 9am-5pm
$397 Early Bird
$445 after Jan. 12

Join Darren Hall, international masterful sound healer, for this 2 day sound healing intensive. 

Darren Austin Hall is a sound healer, ceremonial musician and spiritual teacher. He tours internationally, sharing his healing music with the crystal singing bowls and his array of spirituality and wellness workshops, courses and retreats.

He was a featured performer at the TEDx Conference in Toronto and is a writer of the blog called The Druid.

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Reclaim your Breath - Reclaim you Life

Feb. 7-9, 2020  - Friday 6:30 to Sunday 5:30pm
$347 Early Bird - $397 after Jan. 7th

Join me for a week-end of transforming your life through your breath.  Experience how your breath can create a better life with more energy, health and balance.

  • Experience 5 powerful Transformational Breath® sessions
  • Learn the physical, emotional & spiritual benefits of Transformational Breath®
  • Learn about your own unique breathing pattern and how to release restrictions
  • Understand the self healing power of your breath.
  • Release limitations & negativity that hold you back
  • Experience joy & peace at a cellular level
  • Experience deep connection to your spirit, higher self and others
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Hormone Yoga Therapy

Feb. 15th - 10am-3pm
Feb. 16th - 9am-12pm
$199 Early Bird (Jan. 15)
$245 Regular
Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women, is a holistic and natural approach to ease or eliminate the adverse symptoms of hormonal imbalances. The imbalances may be related to PMS, irregular cycles, fertility challenges, peri-menopause, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and more. This technique involves the practice of dynamic postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), concentration, and visualization. The glands responsible for hormone production are the ovaries, thyroid and pituitary glands, and to a lesser degree the adrenal glands. These glands are addressed in HYT by utilizing internal massage and consciously directing the energy flow during each exercise. 
In this two-day workshop you will learn and practice the series technique to enable you to practice on your own. 
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Sound Healing & Deep Relaxation

Sundays - 7-8 pm 
$25 - 

MUST RESERVE IN ADVANCE - Space is limited to 8!

Reset body, mind, and spirit in this deep relaxation experience, which combines a guided meditation with the transformative healing power of sound utilizing Tibetan Singing Bowls, Frame Drum, Crystal Harp, Chimes, Tuning Forks, Gong, Flute and Stringed instruments to soothe the soul. (Facilitated by Michelle Mackey).
Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket,& pillow.  Padded mat to lay on beneath yoga mat & eye pillows provided.
Arrive between 6:50 - 7:00 PM ... try not to arrive earlier than 6:50 PM to allow for set-up. Thank you!


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Sacred Gong Meditation

Jan. 22 & Feb. 19

Teri is a master of music and meditation on a mission to introduce the world to the power of songs and gongs that help to de-stress, boost creativity, and support balance and well-being.

As a Singer/Songwriter/Certified Sound Healer, Teri blends the science of music with the meditative benefits of songs and sounds into perfect harmony. In 2017, she added Reiki Master to her healing toolkit, and in 2019 she opened her private practice, the Teri Wilder Healing Sanctuary. She has 4 CD’s of original music and a gong meditation CD, all promoting peace, inspiration, and wellness.

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Deep Relaxation Sound Bath with Reiki, Meditation & Deeksha blessing

Jan. 8th & Feb. 12
Relax, lie down, and let yourself journey into self care with the healing frequencies of sound vibration. We will enter into a space that allows you to experience a deep state of relaxation to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit on all levels.
Clear the mind… give it space to rest from the busyness of life. Restore the natural rhythms of life.
Jane Wheeler has practiced yoga & meditation for over 25 years.  She is Reiki II certified, Deeksha Blessing certified and plays the ancient sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls, planetary gong, sonic sound drum, and various eclectic sound instruments. The sound frequencies will help transport you to a deep meditative state where relaxation and healing can occur.  Clear out any imbalance as Jane works with the chakras to restore harmony in the mind, body, and spirit, giving you the space to reset and restore.
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Pushpe Kirtan  
Every 2nd Friday, 7-8:30 p.m. 
(Jan. 10, Feb. 14, March 
Donations (sliding scale): $10-20  
Pusphe Kirtan comprises Trevor Arthur and a rotating roster of friends and fellow kirtan artists.
He relishes any occasion for chanting divine names and mantras with spiritual aspirants of all persuasions, sharing in the power and joy of devotional singing.
Trevor was introduced to the world of bhakti yoga by his Ashtanga yoga teacher, the esteemed Encinitas yogi and great Hanuman bhakta, Tim Miller. A longtime enthusiast of folk musical traditions, over the past years Trevor has been inspired by the open-hearted North County bhakti community and the mentorship of more experienced devotees, enjoying the abundance of opportunities to participate in community kirtan locally.


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iRest to Thrive

Feb. 22, 2020  -  9am-12pm

$66-$88 sliding scale

This workshop is perfect for students that feel stressed out and want to find ways to reduce their stress level for better performance in school and life. 

You will become empowered to nourish well-being knowing the many benefits of iRest

-Enchanced academic & physical performance

-Manage & reduce stress

-Boost Confidence & resiliency 

-Improve focus, concentration & memory recall

-Decrease anxiety, worry & overwhelm

-Increase overall well-being

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Gong Yoga Nidra with Mehtab Benton

May 1-3, 2020
Level 1 - $125, after March 20 $135
Level 2 - $495, after March 20 $525
Level 1&2 - $575, after March 20 $610

Mehtab is a lifelong practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, a professional certified Vedic astrologer, and an internationally renowned Gong teacher. He leads Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings throughout North America, conducts gong trainings in the United States, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and guides spiritual seekers world-wide using the ancient tools of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology.

Mehtab is the originator and author of Gong Yoga, the first book and course on using the gong with the practices of yoga and meditation. His book, Teaching Gong Yoga, has been used in yoga teacher training classes by teachers of all disciplines, and his book Gong Therapy has provided the foundation for teaching sound healers, healing professionals, and yoga teachers how to how to use the gong therapeutically. His passion is in training students from all backgrounds in how to play the gong.

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