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I am here to help you develop more inner compassion and peace that will result in authentic relationships with yourself, your partner, your kids, and others. 

How? Through proven practices that I have been using with my clients for over 20 years.


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Getting upset and triggered easily and don't know why or what to do about it? Grab my meditation guide to take you into a peaceful paradise.  

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Anxious, overwhelmed and nearing burnout?  Find inner peace and improve your relationships when you download and try these 4 Breath Techniques. 

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Relieve pain from your body, stress from your mind and feel your best with these simple behind-the-desk-stretches.    

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"Simply standing on my feet for just a few minutes used to cause me back pain which is no longer the case. Linda’s approach was very different from all other professionals. The key difference with Linda’s method is her unique combination of exercises and stretches which align, strengthen and balance the body. Since working with Linda I can comfortably engage in sports which use to complicate my condition. Working with Linda has changed my life for which I feel very grateful. Thank you Linda! "

Jerry Rudick
Real Estate Entrepreneur

"I have been a medical doctor practicing internal medicine, primary care, cardiology, geriatrics and end-of-life care for 30 years. Linda has cared for my body, breath and spirit with her multiple therapeutic disciplines - transformational breath work, pilates, trauma-release exercise, yoga, sound therapy and her amazing, always honest and real healing presence. I consider myself blessed beyond words for all that she is and all she has shared with me. What is crystal clear to me today and everyday is that Linda is a healer of infinite capacity. The patients I refer to her are better in all realms - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual."

Mark Kalina
MD, Pacific Pearl, La Jolla

"I have been so fortunate to find Linda.  I went to Linda to relieve my chronic back pain. I suffer from mild scoliosis and osteoarthritis. Linda suggested a simple stretching routine at home with a weekly session of supervised stretching. The results have been remarkable for me. I feel great and my wife has commented that it’s nice to see me bending over again to pick things off the floor instead of kneeling. "

Robert Schultz
Real Estate Entrepreneur

"Linda’s transformational breath work is not only cathartic and healing, it's provided me with tools as simple as breath to modify my energy and obtain positive results in my life. Her feedback is to the point and valuable in personal growth to overcome unseen inner blocks. I’ve worked with authentic healers and energy coaches over the years and recommend Linda if you're willing to do the work it takes to reach a “higher consciousness” and feel what you may not want to feel. Her approach is non judgmental and the results are measurable, even profound at times. Linda really cares."

Bruce Caulk

"After suffering for weeks with agonizing lower back pain, I reluctantly signed up with Linda. I didn't have to wait long to reap the benefits of the stretches Linda showed me. I was shocked at how quickly my back pain disappeared with a few simple stretches and I was able to go back to my job as a caterer. Linda is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to feel better both physically and mentally!"

Laleh Sotoohi
Founder of Green Twist, Catering

"I was suffering from profound grief due to a broken relationship. I had tried everything I could think of to release the negativity which was impacting my life, but I still carried around the very real pain and grief. I did a few transformation breath coaching sessions with Linda and an amazing thing happened. The pain and suffering stored in my body that overwhelmed me regularly flowed out of me and is gone. I can now talk about the ex without feeling grief or being overcome with pain. I have been able to create a new life for myself that is joyful and sweet."

Frank Fernicola
Real Estate Entrepreneur

"My experience with Linda, as a breathwork coach, was truly transformational. I initially tried learning on YouTube, but it was only a modicum of the hands on experience I got with Linda. Also, since you are accessing a subconscious part of yourself and lots of suppressed emotions come up, for safety, I’m glad I had a trustworthy coach next to me. I was living in the Bay Area at the time yet commuted to San Diego to do breathwork and coaching with Linda. That goes to show the power of it..."


Offerings by Linda

Coming Home - A Transformational Course

If you get upset easily, react to others and circumstances in a negative way, unaware of the causes, and feeling lost in how to make a change, this course is for you.  

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Private Coaching

If you are overwhelmed, near burnout, triggered by people and circumstances and can't find joy in your life, let me support you in creating the life you deserve.  

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Breathwork and all the experiential tools that we use are so powerful when facilitated in person.

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Coming Home Course

Transform your worries, fears, upsets, and doubts into inner peace and joy in this 7 week online course.  


In this course you will experience how proven integrative methods such as breath work, movement, Trauma Release Exercises, and Coming Home's written & experiential practices will lead you to a life filled with gratitude and compassion for yourself and everyone around you.  


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