Breathwork completely

changed my life. 


Learning how to use my breath to connect to myself & manage my emotions was the key to my happiness. 


Your breath may be the key to unlock the door to your joy & health

Do you ever feel like...


- You just can't get a handle on your emotions or anxiety?

-When you take a breath, you feel chaos inside and you want to stop breathing?

- You hold your breath a lot?

- You have no idea what diaphragmatic belly breathing feels like?


What if I told you there's a simple solution?

By changing the way you breathe, you can get a grip on your emotions, moods, triggers, and improve your physical health.  

Sound too easy? That's because it is!

Learning to breathe right will help you: 

  • Stay in control of your emotions and reactions so "little things" won't upset you.
  • Navigate tough choices and overwhelming situations with CALM and GOOD JUDGMENT.
  • Improve your PHYSICAL HEALTH like better sleep, better, digestion, more energy and focus, and so much more. 
  • Connect to YOURSELF & YOUR SOUL.  Learn to accept & love yourself. 

Take the First Breath of Your New Life


If you are looking for a simple and easy course to start your breathwork practice, this course is for you. You'll learn how to:

-breathe into your diaphragm (where you get all the benefits)

-manipulate your breath to calm down your nervous system and

-improve your physical health (better sleep, digestion, focus, energy, and so much more)

You can also unlimited access to 4 guided audio breath meditation; for daily practice.

With regular practice, stress, anxiety, and triggers won't be able to stop you from enjoying life and achieving your dreams.

Tap into the power of your breath

How to BREATHE properly



What you'll get when you enroll:

  •  4 instructional videos
    • Intro to breathwork
    • Physical benefits 
    • Emotional benefits
    • How to breathe properly
  •  3 audio-guided breathwork meditations
  •  1 downloadable pdf file on how to breathe into your belly

Free Gift for YOU!

The Gift Behind Your Triggers:

Your personal guide to lightening your emotional load and living a joyful life

True Stories from Deep Breathers

The biggest aha moment for me was to compare the breathing exercises to the actual way I breath.  My breathing is pretty shallow. 
The aha moment came when I heard Linda’s precise instruction. It felt really good to breathe and I realised at age 59, I really don’t know how to get the positive effects of just breathing.
MaryAnn R.
When you hear the word “breath work” you think, “oh it is just breathing”. Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first, but I am so glad I took the step to do more.
Breathwork is so much more than you think… it is a way for your body and mind to step back & grow awareness for things you may unconsciously or consciously be dealing with.

Persia R.

Linda has cared for me and my patients with multiple therapeutic disciplines - breathwork, yoga, sound therapy, and her honest and real healing presence.

What is crystal clear to me is that the patients I refer to her are better in all realms - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Dr. Mark Kalina
"One transformational breath session is equal to 2 years of therapy. I felt every emotion without saying a word."


Dr. Henry Smith Rohrberg
Psychiatrist, CA
"...intensive Transformational Breath self-sessions healed me and saved my life. I thank God and my breath every day."

Lily Hung
"I credit breathwork with saving my life by getting me in touch with my will to live during a dark period in my life."


Alana Rose

Hi, I’m Linda Vazin!

For the last 30 years, I've drawn on my passion and expertise in holistic life coaching to help people feel their best physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I've learned and used many modalities, but I'd have to say that BREATHWORK, or using breath to master my stress and life, has been one of the most powerful and effective for me personally.  

I can’t wait to meet you and be your guide to a more peaceful and joyful life.