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"The biggest "aha moment" for me was going back to my childhood memories and wondering why I felt like I had to work so hard to be loved and accepted, and that I have carried that forward into adulthood. Now, I am conscious enough to make different decisions. I think my participation in this program got me where I could consciously make some different decisions about loving and accepting myself exactly as I am now. It taught me to live in the present, to learn to slow down, and mainly enjoy life, myself, and the people around me everyday." Dr. Brad B. 
Linda has cared for me with multiple therapeutic disciplines - transformational breathwork, pilates, trauma-release exercise, yoga, sound therapy, and her honest and real healing presence.  What is crystal clear to me is that Linda is a healer of infinite capacity. The patients I refer to her are better in all realms - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.Dr. Mark Kalina

My medical doctor recommended Linda. He could tell that I was storing trauma and said she was the person who could help release it. I will be forever indebted to him for his recommendation.

I’ve gone to many therapists, done emotional release work, Primal Scream therapy and talk therapy. But In a mere 3 months working with Linda  has been completely life altering for me. I have suffered from adrenal fatigue for about 30 years which no doctor could correct, severe insomnia that nothing could help, would collapse daily to nap. I would have about three hours in the morning where I could function, and after that I was virtually nonfunctional from fatigue. I also had nearly monthly outbreaks for 48 years of herpes simplex 2.

But since our very first appointment I have not had any more outbreaks, I don’t need naps anymore, i’m able to stay up later, I’m able to socialize with friends because  I have enough energy now., I am getting ample and peaceful sleep, and my adrenals have finally corrected themselves.

I am a completely different person now. At peace, happy, calm, free of past memories that had haunted me for decades. And I feel empowered to greet the future with confidence and joy. Cannot recommend Linda highly enough.

Nancy M. , Influencer

I started my journey with Linda a few months ago and can honestly say she has changed my life. Linda is a true healer. Her energy is peaceful and serene, and being around her makes you want to open up and better yourself. She listens carefully and never judges. She asks poignant questions and helps you go deeper, get to the root of the concern. I progressed more in a handful of sessions with Linda than I did in multiple years of psychoanalytical therapy. Our sessions consisted of a variety of breath work techniques, sound healing and NLP, artfully arranged in a smooth sequence. During our sessions I could see and feel myself stepping into my power and growing - which is what we were working on. I cannot recommend these sessions with Linda more! She is truly amazing and I feel so lucky to have found her!  Annabel Gruschka

"Such a great transition. I feel that taking on my great responsibility is what I've been longing for and it feels like home within that space. Something is going on internally with these meditations with Linda, a major shift within and I'm not too sure why. I really enjoyed my month with Linda; the best month of the year when it comes to my health, mental health, money, and relationships but most importantly my relationships with my trauma." Linda K, CFO
"It was a brilliant program. Great introduction to breathing techniques and building a positive mindset. The sequence of sessions allowed me to accept people and circumstances, and let go of issues that are out of my control. It was done in a positive, calm and soothing manner. The choice of music, visualization and the words that led to the affirmations were very helpful. I was able to start recognizing my own thought patterns and how these create a lot of negativity and stress in my life. I would strongly recommend the program to anyone who is looking for inner peace and joy." Faranak F.
"I was suffering from profound grief due to a broken relationship. I had tried everything I could to release the negativity which was impacting my life, but I still carried around the very real pain and grief. After a few transformational breath sessions with Linda, the pain and suffering stored in my body that overwhelmed me regularly flowed out of me. I can now talk about the ex without feeling grief or being overcome with pain. I have been able to create a new life for myself that is joyful and sweet." Frank F. Real Estate entrepenuer
"WOW, this program gave me the tools I never thought I needed. When you the words "life coaching" or "breathwork," you may think its just breathing exercises and advice. Honestly, I was skeptical at first...this program gave me a whole new layer and sense of calmness in my life that I desperately needed. My anxiety has lessened so much and I have started taking more control of my life." Persia R., psychology student
I just want to THANK YOU for this course. It has been phenomenal so far. Your meditations have been EXCELLENT and exactly what I needed for my pregnancy right now. I recently lost my younger brother (about two months ago), so much emotions have been coming up for me. This course is such a gift for me to process my feelings. You are an angel and your voice is a gift that provided me so much comfort. SO THANK YOU. Dianna Q. Therapist
"This program is designed to enhance one's awareness of their thoughts, emotions and beliefs and how they impact our behavior. Through Linda's guidance we learned powerful techniques of breathwork and visualization, which helps us safely process past traumas, manage emotions, become aware of our negative thought patterns, and make conscious decisions. Its also helped me believe even more in the power that lies within us to create inner balance through awareness and intentional actions."  Goli S., therapist

Linda provided me with tools as simple as breathing to modify my energy and obtain positive results in my life.
Her approach is non-judgemental, and the results are measurable, even profound at times. Linda really cares.Bruce Caulk, Director | Writer | Producer
My experience with Linda, as a breathwork coach, was truly transformational. I have utilised breathwork techniques since then to get clarity and heal my emotions. I remember how Linda went above and beyond to show up for me as was needed during sessions and pushed me to my limits at times so I can walk away with a true transformation. I’m glad I had a trustworthy coach next to me. I was living in the Bay Area at the time yet commuted to San Diego to do breathwork and coaching with Linda. That goes to show the power of it. Apreeka
My biggest aha moment was being overcome with emotion during one of my first sessions.  Linda has helped me regain a more positive and grounded attitude towards life.  With her help, I have been learning to accept what is and have started to let go of the need for control or perfection.  What I appreciate most about working with Linda is that she truly cares about me, my health and my growth.  She will do whatever she possibly can to help me become the happiest version of myself. Kevin A., Financial Advisor
Linda is one of the most amazing life coaches you will ever meet. She guided me every step of the way, never hesitates to respond to queries and has your best interest at heart. Her course covers every detail, information & tools that you need to succeed on your journey. I approached Linda with my personal issues & anxiety I was feeling, she immediately helped shift my way of thinking and used tools to counteract the negative emotions. She is not just a life coach but an amazing caring woman with a heart of gold. I say it with great sincerity that her course has been amazing. I am going to miss listening to her beautiful soothing voice every morning as she put me in the right frame of mind with all her beautiful meditations but I now have the tools so I know I will be just fine. I am proud to call her my mentor and friend and would recommend her anytime. What an amazing person she is! Janene H.

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