Benefits of Breathwork for Students, Teachers and Parents

Aug 01, 2023

Get ready for a game-changer in education! New York is taking a bold move by making daily breathwork mandatory in schools. I can't contain my excitement about this powerful tool finally being recognized. If teachers and parents understood the incredible impact of breath practice on students' mental, emotional, and physical well-being, there would be no hesitation in implementing it in the curriculum.  Check out this article.  

Mindfulness Breathing Will Now be Required in New York City Schools

Let's talk about the physical benefits first. When we give our bodies enough oxygen, we feel more relaxed and energized. Did you know that 70% of our energy comes from our breath? With regular breathwork, students can experience reduced stress, better sleep, and improved digestion. Plus, the increased supply of oxygen to the brain enhances focus and strengthens their immune system, ultimately leading to better performance in school.

Now, let's dive into the mental and emotional benefits. Breathwork works wonders here. We all know how difficult it is to concentrate when our emotions are running high or when we've experienced trauma. The emotional weight drains our energy and makes it hard to thrive. However, deep diaphragmatic breathing activates the vagus nerve, promoting a sense of calm in the nervous system. This allows students to process their emotions rather than being overwhelmed by them. It expands their emotional resilience, enabling them to respond to situations rather than react impulsively.

Anxiety and depression are major concerns in the US, especially after COVID. So why not utilize the incredible power within us rather than relying on external solutions? When we learn to breathe through tough emotions, we show our unconscious mind that we are capable and resilient. Breathwork empowers individuals to get better at feeling vs feeling better quickly.

Dr. Richard Brown and Patricia Garberg, two psychiatrists on the east coast, found a clinic where they currently prescribe different types of breathwork (such as Coherent breathing) to their clients and have seen them slowly get off their anxiety meds.  

Moreover, breathwork has the remarkable ability to help students connect with themselves and feel a sense of safety within. It has personally brought me closer to myself, fostering self-understanding and self-love.

It's time to harness this incredible tool and make a positive change in the lives of students, teachers, and parents.




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