Extending the attitude of Gratitude

Nov 27, 2023

Thanksgiving is a special holiday centered around giving thanks, but after this day of gratitude, we quickly shift our focus to Black Friday Deals. That's why I'm sending this email a little late – as a gentle reminder to continue embracing gratitude …maybe even make it a daily practice. 

Right now, I invite you to pause, and take a moment to appreciate the simple things, like the ability to scroll through your computer or read these words.  We all have problems, big and small, but we also have countless things to be thankful for.

The power of gratitude: as we practice it, the universe rewards us with even more reasons to be grateful.

I'm curious – what's the simplest, yet most significant thing you're grateful for? I can't wait to hear your response.

Lastly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your presence in my life and for reading this email. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Sending you virtual hugs, 

P.S. Included is an emotional vibration chart to help you understand your frequency when you're vibrating high.


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