The Key to Achieving your Dreams!

Dec 28, 2023

Hey there! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you! I just love the beginning of a new year because it's the perfect time to dream big and make things happen.

I wanted to share with you six things that have completely transformed the way I pursue my dreams. Trust me, it's all about having fun with it and not dreading the process.

First, start by visualizing what you want in different areas of your life – career, family, relationships, health, or personal growth/spirituality. Let's focus on health as an example! Take some time to imagine your dream life in this area. Write down how you want to feel and the kind of person you want to become. Then, think about the actions that would align with those emotions. By combining these two elements, you'll have exactly what you want. For example, if you want to feel healthy and vibrant, you might want to start meditating, taking walks, practicing yoga, and surrounding yourself with health-conscious people. Remember, being plus doing equals having, not the other way around. 

Once you have clarity on who you want to be and what you need to do to achieve that, it's time to get SMART about your goals! Create Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals. And then build a plan around it. Remember, dreams only stay dreams without action. So have fun and make your plans with intention.

Say goodbye to boring to-do lists! Here is a game-changing approach. Categorize your goals using inspiring subject lines. This way, when I think about each action I need to take, I can visualize the outcome and feel inspired to take the action. For example, I group my yoga class, meditation, and walks under "feeling ALIVE & ENERGETIC" vs. HEALTH. What categories inspire you?

Emotions play a key role in our success. Once you've scheduled everything into your calendar, take some time to write down a few paragraphs about how your life will look six months to a year from now. Write it as if it's already happening. The universe is always listening, so be intentional with your thoughts. Create a vivid mental picture that excites and inspires you. Make your vision so colorful and lively that you can feel it happening as you read it.

Then, pretend that your dream has already come true and surrender it to the universe every day. Don't just do this once – be persistent. If doubt or fear creeps in, acknowledge it, and remind yourself whether you'd be happier facing your fear or staying the same in the next 10 years. Gently put your fear aside and keep moving forward.

Read your vision daily. Set alarms so you can take a few moments throughout the day to pause and pretend you already are and have everything you want. Bring in emotions and vivid images. Don't wait for it to happen to be happy, be happy and grateful now, and it will come to you.

You already know that dreams can come true. So take some time to dream big! And hey, if you need any support, I'm here for you.

Wishing you a truly Happy New Year!





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