What will happen if you fail?

Aug 17, 2023

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you failed? Well, let me ask you this: do you know anyone who has made mistakes and still managed to be happy and successful? And on the flip side, do you know anyone who has never made a single mistake?

Here's the thing: when we strive for perfection instead of simply doing our best, our lives can become imbalanced....

...We end up judging and criticizing ourselves harshly when we don't live up to our own or others' expectations, which can really take a toll on our mental well-being.

...We become obsessed with order and can't handle when things get messy, which makes it hard for us to think straight.

...We become so afraid of failure that we stop trying new things, which can really limit our experiences and make our lives feel small.

...Even when we do accomplish something, it's never enough. We constantly raise the bar and put more pressure on ourselves, which can make it hard to find joy and satisfaction in our achievements.

Life is meant to be joyful and experienced, not a constant struggle for perfection.

Now, being a perfectionist does have its benefits. It shows that you take pride in your work and strive to do it well. But when it's taken to the extreme, it can make life pretty miserable.

Here's the good news: we have the power to rewire our minds and bring balance back into our lives.

It's as simple as ABC...

Awareness: when you become of that your perfectionism has kicked in, stop...

Breathe:  take a few breaths and choose a different path

Compassion: then bring compassion and kindness toward yourself.  

Do this a few times a day and your patterns will change.  If you need support, email me at [email protected].  

Have a perfectly imperfect day. 




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