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Move past anxiety, burnout, and betrayal.


Free yourself to experience joy.

When you get angry, anxious, or sad, how do you react? 

The Gift Behind Your Triggers:

Your personal guide to lightening your emotional load and living a joyful life

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Any of these sound familiar?

  • I want to have fun and be happy, but I just can't.  
  • I can't remember what it's like to not feel anxious about everything.
  • I wish I could put my trauma behind me, but I just can't seem to shake it. 
  • I don't know how to set boundaries.
  • I seem to get upset easily, and it seems like just about everything triggers me. 
  • I know what I should do, but I just can't muster up enough energy to do it.
  • I don't know why people like me, I'm just not worthy of being loved.  
  • I'll never be good enough.
  • All my relationships end in disaster.
  • I just wish I could spend one day without crippling fear, guilt, and shame.

Tired of feeling helpless? It's time to take charge of your own story.


Whether it's a heartbreaking loss, a painful divorce, or a troubled relationship, traumatic events and negative experiences can make you feel heavy,  hopeless and distort the way you view the world. 
But healing is much closer, and much easier, than you might think.
In this 4-week meditation course, you'll explore how your past fears and negative experiences are affecting your perception of your reality; and how to unlearn and relearn new ways of seeing the world.  





Learn to love yourself again

Through meditations that include breathwork and carefully asked questions, you'll gain the power to forgive yourself and others, face every day without fear, and love your life. 

By decoding and deconstructing the beliefs, fears, and messages that are weighing you down, you'll find the freedom to pursue your dreams, nurture your best relationships, and enjoy each moment. 

Each day during this 4-week, self-guided course, you'll receive a 10-25 min meditation in your inbox. 

You're welcome to join our Facebook group to share and process your insights and experiences. Let the healing begin!



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What you'll get when you enroll:

  • 6 guided meditations per week in your inbox for 4 weeks

  • 5 guided breathwork meditations (box breathing, coherent breathing, alternate nose breathing, and more)

  • Group support through our FB group 



True Stories of Healing and Joy 

Such a great transition this week. I feel that taking on my great responsibility is what I’ve been longing for and it feels like home within that space.
Something is going on internally with these meditations, a major shift within and I’m not sure why.
I really have enjoyed this month, the best month of the year when it comes to my health, money, and relationships but most importantly my relationships with my trauma.
Linda K. 
WOW. This program gave me tools I never thought I needed. When you hear the word “breath work” you think, “oh it is just breathing”. Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first, but I am so glad I took the step to do more. Breathwork is so much more than you think… it is a way for your body and mind to step back & grow awareness for things you may unconsciously or consciously be dealing with.
My biggest aha moment was when I realized that I was no longer feeling negative emotions toward people that used to trigger me. I had developed ways to react & respond in a healthy way that also contributes to my healing.
Persia R. 
It was a brilliant program. A great introduction to breathing techniques and building a positive mindset. The sequence of sessions allowed me to accept people and circumstances, and let go of issues that are out of my control. It was done in a positive, calm, and soothing manner. The choice of music, visualization, and the words that led to the affirmations were very helpful.
I was able to start recognizing my own thought patterns and how these create a lot of negativity and stress in my life. I would strongly recommend the program to anyone who is looking for inner peace and joy.
Faranak F.

Unleash Your Power

How would you like to... 

  • Have tools to stop negative chatter and start liking all of yourself.
  • Effortlessly living in the present moment and finding joy in ordinary tasks.
  • Feeling good about yourself even when you feel like you have let others down.
  • Being able to connect to people from a loving place, accept and forgive them easily. 

Take the course and unleash your power to live a meaningful life!

Hi, I’m Linda Vazin!

For the last 30 years, I've drawn on my passion and expertise in holistic life coaching to help people feel their best physically, mentally, and emotionally.
I believe that what stops us from being our authentic selves and living the life we truly want is the societal conditioning and childhood experiences we receive throughout our lives. This conditioning keeps us stuck in negative consciousness and limits our true potential.
But you have the power within you to heal. And I'm here to help you find and use it. 
I can’t wait to meet you and be your guide to a more peaceful and joyful life.

Learn how to breathe your way into emotional resilence, reduced stress, and better physical and mental health.