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emotional Mar 04, 2019

From birth to 5 or 6 years of age, we don’t know how to process our emotions; we just feel them. Most of our parents didn’t know how to deal with us when we were sad, angry, frustrated, loud, throwing a tantrum, etc. Instead of holding space for us to feel our feelings, we learned to get rid of them asap. All these unprocessed emotions get stored in our bodies.

Each time we don’t process our feelings, it’s like adding a big rock to our imaginary backpack. Can you imagine how heavy that load gets year after year!!! It makes me exhausted just thinking about it and it feels like it can drown you. This is what makes your body ill, and your mind foggy foggy foggy!! Only a small portion of your brain becomes available to be present and clear.

In this blog, we will explore simple tools to process your emotions on a daily basis through living consciously and breathing through tough times. 


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