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physical Mar 04, 2019


I have spent most of my life working one on one with clients in my studio in La Jolla.  To simplify stretching for my clients that travel, work a lot or have major injuries, I narrowed down stretching to 15 essential range of motion stretches.   These simple and powerful yoga stretches take major joints through the natural range of motion they need to go through as well as break up muscle tightness around those joints.  

BUT....the most important thing I have found, is the mental state and the messages you give your body while stretching and through out the day.  Your breath, presence and intention make the stretch at least 50% more effective.  So why not make the most of your precious time and work with your breath & intention while stretch. 

For busy people, I will show you how you can weave these stretches into your daily life.  Stretching does not have to be an event.  It can be part of your daily taking 5 minutes in the morning to stretch your legs and arms using the kitchen counter.  Or taking one minute breaks at work to stretch your neck and spine behind your desk.  At the end of the day, it all adds up to a lot of stretching.  

I have worked with people with chronic issues that have found relief with regular stretching and strengthening.  Firefighter that fell down 3 stories and was told he would never walk again, started walking.  People that were told their back pain would never go away and should do surgery, ended up pain free after committing to stretch daily.  

Let me know what you are suffering from and I will help!  


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