Chair yoga

physical Aug 27, 2019

7 Range of Motion Hip stretches on and around the chair

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Favorite core exercise you can do all day everywhere!

physical Apr 21, 2019

When you engage your inner thighs, lower butt cheeks and bring your navel toward your spine and lifting, your core is engaged.  I think actually activating these muscles whenever you remember during the day will result in a strong core without having to attend lots of classes. 


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5 VIT to remember while stretching

physical Apr 01, 2019

Here are 5 Very Important Things to remember while stretching.  

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Shoulder strengthening

physical Mar 25, 2019

Now that you know how to open muscle locks around your neck & shoulders and THEN stretch out the area; it's time to strengthen.  Here are 3 on-the-go strengthening exercises you can do at work, or in your living room.  

I always welcome questions:)

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physical Mar 18, 2019

I like to break up tight muscles before I stretch or strengthen them; especially if there is pain or misalignment.  Here is a quick video showing one way to break up tight muscles around the shoulders and neck using la crosse balls.  

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neck pain - week 2

physical Mar 11, 2019


Last week we opened the front of our chest to release the neck.  Here are two more stretches that help loosen up the muscles around the shoulders and arms to allow flexibility around the neck. 

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physical self

physical Mar 05, 2019


I have spent most of my life working one on one with clients in my studio in La Jolla.  To simplify stretching for my clients that travel, work a lot or have major injuries, I narrowed down stretching to 15 essential range of motion stretches.   These simple and powerful yoga stretches take major joints through the natural range of motion they need to go through as well as break up muscle tightness around those joints.  

BUT....the most important thing I have found, is the mental state and the messages you give your body while stretching and through out the day.  Your breath, presence and intention make the stretch at least 50% more effective.  So why not make the most of your precious time and work with your breath & intention while stretch. 

For busy people, I will show you how you can weave these stretches into your daily life.  Stretching does not have to be an event.  It can be part of your...

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knees hip distance apart!!

physical Feb 12, 2019

Most people that sit behind the desk end up with their knees rotating outward.  This outward rotation for long periods of time could cause back issues.

Easy fix is to use a strap to hold your legs hip distance apart.  But make sure you introduce this to your body slowly.  May be 1 hour a day for a week, then 1.5-2 hours, the second week, and so on...  Otherwise, your body might scream at you.  

Let me know if you have any questions.  And if this has been helpful.  

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