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physical Feb 18, 2019

Having a pain free back and body does not have to be difficult.  It can be a commitment of only 15 minutes a day. If you have had chronic pain for a long time, it will take patience, commitment and consistency to get back to alignment; but it is possible.  

I have worked with people with chronic issues that have found relief with regular stretching and strengthening.  Firefighter that fell down 3 stories and was told he would never walk again, started walking.  People that were told their back pain would never go away and should do surgery, ended up pain free after commiting to stretch daily.  

My goal is to keep it simple and empower you to take care of yourself.  I have hand-picked 7 hip, 5 shoulder/neck, and 4 spine stretches.  Thats all you need to stay flexible, pain free and keep range of motion in your major joints. 

When you learn the “why and how” of each stretch, you can do them anywhere and feel good in...

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doorway stretches

physical Feb 04, 2019

Getting in the habit of doing little stretches all day, and using everything around you to deepen your stretch is easy.  All it takes is to create a habit!!

Stretching does not all have to happen in a classroom environment.  3-4 minutes, 3-4 times a day is about 15 minutes.  15 minutes of stretching 7 days a week, is over 1.5 hours of stretching a week.  The results are cumulative.


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kitchen yoga

physical Feb 03, 2019

In this video, I am giving you ideas on how you can use your kitchen space and time to do the 16 hand picked hip, shoulder, neck and spine stretches I love.  Even a few minutes, a few times a day can make a big difference.

To make it more fun, get your friends and family involved.  Let me know if you come up with fun ways to do these stretches!!


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chair stretches

physical Feb 03, 2019

Using a chair to stretch is safe and super effective. Allows you to deepen your stretches. Imagine this chair in your office, kitchen, or bedroom.  Always think "STRETCHING"!!


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3 neck stretches

physical Feb 03, 2019

It only takes a few minutes to do these easy neck stretches; but the results are BIG!

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5 shoulder stretches

physical Feb 03, 2019

These 5 stretches keep healthy range of motion in your shoulder joint.  

They can be done behind your desk, in the kitchen, car, in a doorway, etc. Get creative!!

Let me know how it goes!! And keep stretching.

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spine stretches

physical Feb 02, 2019

In India they say you are as young as how flexible your spine is.  Keeping your spine flexible should be one of your major goals.  It could mean simply swinging side to side or rolling your spine forward and back a few times a day. 

However, if you already have a pre-existing condition, like an inflamed disk, please consult your doctor to see which stretches you need to avoid.

This video gives you an overview of the way our spine is meant move.  And a great start for a gentle practice. 

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7 range of motion stretches for hip and back

physical Feb 01, 2019

These 7 ranges of motion will allow your hips and lower back to stay flexible and pain free.  

My goal is for you to remember the ranges of motion of your legs/hips, and the stretches that go along with each.  Once you become familiar with them, you can do these stretches anywhere. 

Send me any questions you might have. 

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