Difference between water crystals of Hitler and Mother Theresa.

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019

Dr. Emoto’s experiment proved that thought, words and music affect physical reality.  By producing different intentions through words, feelings and music toward water samples he saw the water “change it’s expression”.

When he said negative angry words like “I’m going to kill you, I hate you” toward water samples, the water crystals started looking like this:

When he said positive words like peace and love, the water crystals started forming brilliant and complex snowflake patterns like this. 

Here are two water crystals; one of Mother Theresa and one of Hitler.  Guess which one is which?

Mother Theresa!!

In another study, two plants were given the same amount of water, sunlight, etc…just placed slightly apart from each other.  The plant that was spoken to with loving words, thrived.  The plant that was spoken to with anger and unkind words, died shortly. 

This is a reminder of how we can impact our health, each other and the earth through our thoughts and words.  We are 70% water, so think how much we can thrive if we say kind words to ourselves and how destructive it is on all levels when we are hard on ourselves.