The Effects of Stress and how to reverse it!!

breath emotional phyiscal Jul 02, 2019

Beautiful Sunday morning with 30 plus lovely ladies trying to learn about stress and how to de-stress.  Dr. Erica Oberg takes you through the top reasons people feel stressed and what it does to your body.  Finally she gives great advice on how to destress.  

You can reach Dr. Oberg at [email protected].  

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Just Breathe!!!

breath Jun 25, 2019


Can breathing really have all these positive effects??  It's crazy that it can, AND IT DOES.  Besides all the proven physical benefits of breathing, the emotional integration and how it makes you feel whole, peaceful and in love with yourself, are the most healing side effects of Transformational Breath.  

Please take a few minutes and listen to these stories;  There are so many more.

Don't hesitate to contact me regarding any questions you might have. 

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4 stretches to better breathing

breath Jun 10, 2019

These 4 stretches are great to do before breath work or meditation.  They open the psoas  (we hold a lot of our emotions in our hips), and the chest area so that the diaphragm has room to expand.  



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Your brain vs. Albert Einstein

breath emotional May 29, 2019

Most of us use 1/3 of our respiratory system and get only 25% of the oxygen we need for good health. The benefits of breathing properly are unbelievable.  

That's why for the next few months, I want to go over different breath modalities and their benefits.  Hopefully you will want to incorporate one of them into your daily life.

The only difference between your brain and Albert Einstein's brain is that his brain had larger blood vessels and therefore had more blood flow and oxygen going to his brain NATURALLY.  However, we can increase blood flow and oxygenation to our brain through certain kinds of breath work.  

Here is one breath exercise you can do:

Breath out all the air from your lungs in 3 stages...first from you chest area, diaphragm and then your belly,  Then inhale from bottom up... into your belly, your diaphragm and into your chest.  Then HOLD your breath for as long as you possibly can until you are desperate for...

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