Gap between knowing and doing

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2019

Most of the time, we all know what to do to make us feel better, right? Like have a regular meditation, breath or stretch routine, but many of us don't follow through. Or how about all the New Year resolutions with good intentions that stop after a few weeks or months!!

Why is that and how can we close this GAP??

What we want or who we want to be, is different from who we are right now. We get inspired about our future-self, but our present-self doesn't like change and is on auto-pilot.

Here are a few things that have helped me.

1. Identify what you want to change and how you will get there. Create a plan! Know yourself. I am not a evening person, so when I schedule myself to do hard tasks in the evenings, I am setting myself up for failure. 

2. Add one thing at a time. Go slow!! For many of us, it takes time to close the gap between the present and the future self. When I first started doing breath work, I set goal of breathing 45 minutes a day, and couldn't keep up with...

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Favorite core exercise you can do all day everywhere!

physical Apr 21, 2019

When you engage your inner thighs, lower butt cheeks and bring your navel toward your spine and lifting, your core is engaged.  I think actually activating these muscles whenever you remember during the day will result in a strong core without having to attend lots of classes. 


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Breath Work Inhale 2/Exhale 4

breathe Apr 08, 2019

In this breath meditation, you breathe in for 2 counts and exhale for 4 counts.  When exhalations are longer than you inhalations, you produce more carbon dioxide which helps oxygen get absorbed into your cells and blood;  so very healthy for you!

Here is a 5 minute breathing meditation.  

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5 VIT to remember while stretching

physical Apr 01, 2019

Here are 5 Very Important Things to remember while stretching.  

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Shoulder strengthening

physical Mar 25, 2019

Now that you know how to open muscle locks around your neck & shoulders and THEN stretch out the area; it's time to strengthen.  Here are 3 on-the-go strengthening exercises you can do at work, or in your living room.  

I always welcome questions:)

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physical Mar 18, 2019

I like to break up tight muscles before I stretch or strengthen them; especially if there is pain or misalignment.  Here is a quick video showing one way to break up tight muscles around the shoulders and neck using la crosse balls.  

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neck pain - week 2

physical Mar 11, 2019


Last week we opened the front of our chest to release the neck.  Here are two more stretches that help loosen up the muscles around the shoulders and arms to allow flexibility around the neck. 

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emotional self

emotional Mar 05, 2019

From birth to 5 or 6 years of age, we don’t know how to process our emotions; we just feel them. Most of our parents didn’t know how to deal with us when we were sad, angry, frustrated, loud, throwing a tantrum, etc. Instead of holding space for us to feel our feelings, we learned to get rid of them asap. All these unprocessed emotions get stored in our bodies.

Each time we don’t process our feelings, it’s like adding a big rock to our imaginary backpack. Can you imagine how heavy that load gets year after year!!! It makes me exhausted just thinking about it and it feels like it can drown you. This is what makes your body ill, and your mind foggy foggy foggy!! Only a small portion of your brain becomes available to be present and clear.

In this blog, we will explore simple tools to process your emotions on a daily basis through living consciously and breathing through tough times. 

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physical self

physical Mar 05, 2019


I have spent most of my life working one on one with clients in my studio in La Jolla.  To simplify stretching for my clients that travel, work a lot or have major injuries, I narrowed down stretching to 15 essential range of motion stretches.   These simple and powerful yoga stretches take major joints through the natural range of motion they need to go through as well as break up muscle tightness around those joints.  

BUT....the most important thing I have found, is the mental state and the messages you give your body while stretching and through out the day.  Your breath, presence and intention make the stretch at least 50% more effective.  So why not make the most of your precious time and work with your breath & intention while stretch. 

For busy people, I will show you how you can weave these stretches into your daily life.  Stretching does not have to be an event.  It can be part of your...

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